Nelson Soh

Nelson Soh

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Advisor and Managing Director

Nelson Soh helps clients succeed in regulatory management and design.

He is a skilled mediator, negotiator; abilities that serve to increase the client’s value of his analytical work.

2005- Director in-charge of Operation and co owner in Nelgof Manning Agency

2000-04 Assistant Mechanic with Diamond Offshore International on the Drilling Rigs, South America for many years.

1997-2000 2nd Engineer on board Cargo Ships and Tug Supply vessels for many years.

1996-1997 Shore base Engineer with Tide Water International Offshore of U.S.

2009 Holds a class 3 in Marine engineering from the Regional Maritime University, Ghana.

Nelson is a strong communicator, fluent in English.

Nelson Soh
CEO / Marine Engineer



  • Marine Engineering from Regional Maritime University, Ghana

Areas of Expertise

  • Marine engineering
  • Discovery & Exploration